BorgWarner Transmission Systems

0 ppm: that's precision, perfection and quality

With its precision-waved friction plates applied in automatic transmissions and dual clutches, BorgWarner has introduced a major innovation in improved shift comfort and reduced fuel consumption.

In order to create sinusoidal waves, Häussermann has developed a special heat-treatment process which enables us to manufacture these core plates to outstanding levels of precision and quality. Despite a wave heights tolerance of just a few hundredths of a millimeter, the customer acknowledges our zero-defect quality with an annual "0 ppm Award", every year.

What our partners say about us:

TEAM Industries, Inc.
"This past year has been one of many challenges for TEAM. Many of them were passed down to you as our Supplier. I wish to thank you for your commitment, support and service to our company."

(Julle Thielen, Feb. 07)